Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mixxx the open source free dj mixing DJ software

Mixxx the open source free dj mixing DJ software 

                        Mixxx the open source DJ mixing DJ software 

  This is The most advanced free DJ mixing software out right now and it's open source and it's being work on by a lot of DJs, programmers, and artists contribute dozens of new features to Mixxx.
Mixxx is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. yes its also in Linux,
I was trying out Ubuntu on my PC the other day i stop using it because i could not rum Traktor on it but now i can try it running Mixxx on it. I would have to say this has to be one of the best dj mixing software out there
and its free, a dj mixing software and its free and it work good so if you want to be a dj come and get it it's free.

What can Mixxx do ??? Mixxx has Incredible Features for some thing that is free, is more like what can't it not do.

This is me trying out Mixx in this video i mixup to track just to show that it work

All your playlists and songs from iTunes, automatically ready to go for your next live DJ performance.

With over 30 DJ MIDI controllers supported out-of-the-box, Mixxx gives you comprehensive hardware control for your DJ mixes. you can run it with Akai MPD24, American Audio RADIUS 2000, American Audio VMS4, Behringer BCD3000, DJ TechTools MIDIFighter, DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload, Evolution X-Session, FaderFox DJ2, Hercules DJ Console Mac Edition, Hercules DJ Console MK2, Hercules DJ Console MK4, Hercules DJ Console MP3, Hercules DJ Console RMX, Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2, Hercules DJ Control Steel, Ion Discover DJ, M-Audio X-Session Pro, M-Audio Xponent, Mixman DM2, Numark MixTrack, Numark NS7, Numark Total Control, Pioneer CDJ-2000, Pioneer CDJ-350, Pioneer CDJ-850, Reloop Digital Jockey 2, Stanton SCS.1d, Stanton SCS.1m, Stanton SCS.3d, Stanton SCS.3m, Tascam US-428, TrakProDJ App (iOS), Vestax Spin, Vestax Typhoon, Vestax VCI-100, Wireless DJ App (iOS),and many many more i don't want to list them

Instantly sync the tempo of two songs for seamless Beatmixing. Each waveform view marks each beat to help guide your mixing.
But i have to say that Traktor is better when it come to the sync tempo of two songs.

Mixxx has a cutting-edge mixing engine including support for MP3, M4A/AAC, OGG, and FLAC audio, adjustable EQ shelves, Timecode vinyl control, recording,
Decks, Advanced Controls

Need a break? Create a quick playlist and let Auto DJ take over. Automatic Crossfading watches your back until you return.

Record and Broadcast your Mix Mixxx includes a number of recording and broadcasting features because you can't get your name out there without sharing your DJ mixes.
Good for Shoutcast Broadcasting i have tried it and it work ok

So if your looking for the best free DJ mixing software this is it.
Mixxx download now and enjoy 

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