Hot Rod
This is his new single  Dance with me! check it out!

Labels: G-Note Records
Artists: Hot Rod
Genres: Hip-Hop, Electronica, Dance, Rhythmic
Date:17 December, 2010
Duration: 03:53
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Hot Rod released his single "Dance With Me"  no December 17th, 2010, to the world on his label G Note Records.

In 2008 Hot Rod's "I Like To F*ck" leaked onto the web and instantly won worldwide applause and attention. Underground clubs and online sites rang off with posts and conversation of how different it was. Perez Hilton posted it front-and-center on his site for the entire Memorial Day Weekend and Youtube lit up as well.

Since then, Hot Rod has toured the world doing shows in markets such as Turkey, England, France, Australia, United Arab Emerites, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, China, Denmark and countless territories around the world. As his underground hit grew, Tila Tequila jumped on board and rapped a verse adding to the fanfare of "I Like To F*ck". The world took notice.

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Tino Coury
Tino Coury
Up Against The Wall

Labels: Eleventh Records
Artists: Tino Coury
Genres: Electronica, Pop, Dance, Rhythmic
Date: 17 December, 2010
Five track but i only like the Jump Smokers remix of this tracks.
What can i say Jump Smokers are cool

Up Against The Wall (Jump Smokers No Rap Intro Radio Edit) Electronica 126 bpm 3:54
Up Against The Wall (Jump Smokers Rap Intro Radio Edit) Electronica 126 bpm 3:53
Up Against The Wall (Original Radio Edit) Electronica 120 bpm 3:13
Up Against The Wall (Jump Smokers Club Mix) Electronica 126 bpm 4:56
Up Against The Wall (Promo Only Extended Mix Show Edit) Electronica 120 bpm 4:13