Friday, October 29, 2010

NeoBux PTC is a SCAM

is NeoBux a scam ?

will for me i say NeoBux PTC is a scam why i say its scam is because i use to join this site and i have made money of them but now i say that they are a scam
if your account is inactivity they will suspend it permanently and you will lose all your money 
this what happen to me because i did not use they site for a long time 
they let you rent referral but you will only get paid for there click if you also click on your ads but if you don't click you get $0 money of them and some time if some has the same IP address as you then you cant click your ads if they had click before you and if this happen to you that you cant click your ads cause some one with the same IP address  had click before you all the time so you cant click any ads at all they will suspended your account

rent referral but will not get your money back and they make it so that you will put more money in to rent referral done you need to pay for them
you will only make good money if you are a golden to ultimate member that will cause you (From 90$ to 890$) and if your not a golden to ultimate member you are just being scam
and is not just money that you lose when you get suspend it permanently you will lose your referral to that is why they have a lot of referral for rent they will scam you big time only golden to ultimate member make the money
NeoBux pays but they do scam to in more way than one

 and here are some post from other user
I just signed up with neobux today. When I open the advertisement and click on them, a note always appear on top left of my homepage saying that another person using my IP address has viewed on the advertisement. How can I solve this problem?
Admin Reply: You are either having two accounts from your home IP or someone else is using your IP. It means that you are having a shared IP. Because of that whoever see’s advertisement first on the day, the other will see this message on his system. You can ask your ISP to provide a different IP & if you are having dynamic IP from your ISP then better restart your modem/router & it will solve your problem.
Also you can ask the same question in the forum of Neobux & you will get the answer from moderators or admin on same.

Ron Holmes
This is what happens here when you end up in the hospital for a while.
Not to be recommended to anyone.
This the only site that has shut me out of all sites that I have.
Your account was suspended permanently due to inactivity.
You can register a new account but with a different username.
Admin Comment: I am sorry to hear your condition, but I guess the rules are rules & neobux is very strict in following the rules. Still, you can drop one support ticket to the admin & check if he can consider your medical situation.

Gjmptw said...
NeoBux is SCAM. I had a golden membership there. Before went to be golden i had 30 rental referrals and their return was a little profitable after one month. But when i upgraded to golden membership and increased my rental referrals to 530 neobux referrals click dramatically decreased day by day. I have changed them every 3 days and wasted lots of bucks, nothing happened. They are using bots. One more thing to understand it. When they purchased new UV greenbar certificate they increased bot's click to attract peoples to invest. I understood it's their clevery. I left neobux half year ago. I had golden membership with 8 months validity but lost my capital there. They are sucking blood slowly. Don't invest there. Just click and get some referral by referral link. Don't upgrade your membership or sent referral. 1st month you will earn much but then they will suck your whole money.
Daniel said...
NEOBUX IS A SCAM! I am a golden member and have been for half a year. Not only do you find you cant rent referrals once golden except through the 'queue' which is surprise surprise the same as 'standards' price. You WILL see that all your referrals stop clicking after a week if that, they will also drop to BELOW 1 click per day, usually .7 so you are STILL losing money even as a golden member. Think it pays? it does, but you have to put that money BACK IN if you want to keep going, they charge a FEE for letting referrals expire, you can actually lose MORE than the investment you put in. I got banned on the forum for asking why referrals dropped suddenly, no excuses. People I BEG OF YOU dont put ANY money in Neobux, dont listen to the idiots who are claiming to be makign loads of money. THEY ARENT, if you look at there stats they are earning less than they put in. But they never tell you that. They may have earned/received $200 but they invested $400. Please don't make the mistake i made and invest money in this scam, i should have known better but i was blinded my making money easily. It is anything but that i assure you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

3 Minutes To Explain Booyaka Mix

This is my remix of 3 Minutes To Explain by Fedde Le Grand Funkerman

And if you like this hit me up on Facebook or Google + and i can fix you up.
Can not give out download link cause of copyright law i dont want the Recording Industry Association of America 
to jump up and down on my blog

3 Minutes To Explain by Fedde Le Grand Funkerman

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