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Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ system by Native Instruments

Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ system by Native Instruments
Wow the war for the dj controllershas begone
Native Instruments revolutionized the DJ world nearly a decade ago with the introduction of TRAKTOR, the world’s first professional DJ software. Now we’re set to do it all again with TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, the only DJ performance system designed from the ground up from the team behind TRAKTOR
i want to see if it better done the NS7 or V7 i did use a Traktor they first came out and i like the only thing did not like about the ns7 was the sofware by included Serato ITCH i think it need more work on it cuz it want to much power to work good
Native Instruments say Forget what you know about DJ controllers and DJ software. TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 was designed from its conception as a fully integrated system where software and hardware are fused in perfect harmony. Once you experience it, you’ll immediately feel how simple, yet powerful and fluid a professional DJ system can be. TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 is the culmination of a 10-year vision and experience only Native Instruments can provide. So whether you’re a seasoned TRAKTOR user looking for the ultimate controller, or just entering the world of digital DJing, the S4 delivers like no other can.

Custom-tailored for TRAKTOR, the S4 fuses a premium-quality 4 channel DJ mixer, a built-in 24 bit/96 kHz soundcard, an intuitive controller, and the flagship TRAKTOR PRO S4 software into one fully professional solution - the ideal one-stop package for DJs who want pro features, instant usability and go-anywhere portability

What is  TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 advantage or the Numark NS7 FX and V7 is the software
because Native Instruments makes good software
System requirements

Windows® XP (latest SP, 32 Bit), Vista®/Windows 7® (latest SP, 32/64 Bit), Pentium®/Athlon® XP @ 1.8 GHz OR Core™2/AMD X2, 2 GB RAM

Mac OS X® 10.5 or higher, Intel® Core™Duo 1.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM

USB 2.0 port, DVD drive, 6 GB free disk space for complete installation

TRAKTOR PRO S4 supports multi core processors. 


  • Depth: 32.2cm / 12.7''
  • Height: 5.2cm / 2''
  • Width: 50cm / 19.7''
  • Weight: 3.4kg / 7.5lbs


Information about the official in-store date will be made available soon.
PRICE: $999 / 899 €
Package includes:
  • S4 hardware controller with built-in audio interface
  • TRAKTOR PRO S4 software
  • USB cable
  • Power supply
  • Manual
  • Keyboard function mapping
  • A sturdy flight case will be available separately. The flight case can double as a rock solid stand for your laptop while performing, and also elevates the S4 unit to the level of industry-standard DJ hardware, giving you a truly all-in-one mobile solution that fits in any DJ booth  optional at $190 :(

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