Saturday, June 12, 2010

The turntable, evolved

The turntable for today’s DJ. Numark's NS7and V7  comes with Serato ITCH. For one-to-one communication, each knob, button, and control on NS7and V7 corresponds exactly to that function in the software. Serato ITCH is already familiar if you use Scratch LIVE. ITCH builds on Scratch LIVE and adds some key, new features. ITCH makes timecode a thing of the past, so you won’t need to worry about needles skipping or vinyl wearing out. You can load your Scratch LIVE crates, loops, presets, and cue points seamlessly in ITCH. NS7and V7 also works with most other compatible MIDI DJ software and supports your iTunes library.

With natural vinyl feel, precise control, pristine sound, custom flexibility, advanced performance, and rock solid design, the turntable has evolved. Meet V7.

 this is the NS7
H Rock is now a night club, and its new name is Club Mix and i am the house DJ there and the club is using the new NS7 FX the club will be open  7 days a week starting at July 18 at back of Mc D field ave Angeles City, Philippines

This is the V7

if you have a mixer then the V7 is the way to go but if you dont have on the NS7 set work out to be cheep because the V7 is like $700 each and the NS7 is at $1,146
the only thing i did not like about the NS7 is that they put the pitch sliders on the left side on the left side cause with turntable its all on the right side
the NS7 FX work good on Virtual dj  but it need to be  Virtual dj  pro 6.0.5 if you dont want to use Serato ITCH cause Serato ITCH need high power pc to ran good  not like Virtual dj it can ran on a low power pc like a mimi laptop

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