Make an internet radio for free with VirtualDJ

Make your own internet radio for free with VirtualDJ

All day i have being search the internet in how to make my own internet radio for free
i love Google search with, Google you can find anything on the internet if its there
and this is what i have found: if you have Virtual DJ you can have your own internet radio.
i have had Virtual DJ for a long time and did not know this. i have seen this part of the Virtual DJ where it says broadcast, its in the record tab
and i cant believe how easy it is to do. i have also found this VIDEO in Youtube
that can help a lot.
After you watch this you're on your way to broadcasting

things you will need to have your own internet radio:
Virtual DJ VirtualDJ
and a free Account at to do your Shoutcast
If you dont want to use can can also try this other free Shoutcast site and
after trying all of them i like cause they let you embed to your own site with out having to pay for it but you will need to show there ads

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