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what is the best dj mixing software

                           What is the best dj mixing software

  There a lot's of new Dj mixing software out there in the market that you can buy now days.
This are some of the name of the software you can buy Traktor by Native Instruments, Serato Scratch Live, ITCH DJ, Serato DJ, Serato DJ Intro, Mixvibes, Pioneer rekordbox and Virtual DJ.

But what is the best Dj mixing software to get?
Some of the software you get free when you buy the hardware like Serato Scratch Live mixer or SL4 from Rane or you can download all of the Serato Dj mixing software for free but you need the hardware to use them.
The Serato Dj mixing are all good but i did not like the ITCH  when they came out, use it with the Numark NS7
it was good but it keep on fucking up dont know if it was hardware or the software.

Serato Scratch Live SL4

Serato Scratch Live this baby is good i cant say any thing bad about it its a good hardware software it has all a dj want and need it easy to use it look good and sound good.
I like the way they setup the play list how you can add color's on your track  and they make it easy to edit track info.
i have use Serato Scratch a long time and it just keep on getting better i would give Serato Scratch Live a  9 out of 10
the only thing i dont like is the price $999 for SL4 and $500 for SL2 and that you need hardware to use it

Traktor PRO

Traktor by Native Instruments you  get free when you buy the hardware like TRAKTOR KONTROL S4,  TRAKTOR KONTROL S2, TRAKTOR SCRATCH A10,TRAKTOR SCRATCH A6 and many more.
Native Instruments give out a demo free to download but can only use it for 30 minutes i think, i can remember how long for but after the time up you need to restart it to use it.
i like Traktor this software is king i use this software a long time two more done Serato Scratch Live i only started to using Serato Scratch Live when the old mac that we use to use in the club brok down so we could not use the
Traktor any more so we started using the new mac book pro but we could not run the old Traktor on it and that how i got it to using Serato Scratch Live.
But for me i like the Traktor it work good it sound cant say any thing bad about it i gvie this Dj mixing software
a 10 out of 10.
Why 10 out of 10 software can run with out hardware you can run this with 2 CDJ2000 or the 1000 or 900 with out the need for the hardware from Native Instruments. You can use it with just your PC or Mac.
The New Traktor PRO has a auto setp where it see what hard you have and set it self up good to go.
You  can buy this with the hardware or just the software and use it on any Djing hardware out there to day and it will work good.

Pioneer rekordbox

Pioneer rekordbox this is a free software you can download it at Pioneer website but will only work with
Pioneer hardware like CDJ800 to CDJ 2000 this dont feel like the other dj mixing software it feel sad to use its not like the Traktor or Serato Scratch Live. the only think i like in Rekordbox is Waveforms, Quantized Beatgrids it can make perfect loop, and how you can use it run 4 CDJ with just a using a single LAN cable and  router.
But did have some thing bad happen to me use this so software it fuck up my USB.
Anyway you need to know how to mix to use this dj mixing software it's not for want a be dj only for dj that know how to mix the old school way no sync and no waveforms see to and much up.
And just for that i give this 8 out of 10, i would give this a 10 out 10 if they made it so could ran the CDJ of it with just the USB cable and not the LAN cable and  router

Virtual DJ
you can get this free but is not as good as the one that you pay for like the Virtual DJ pro
this is a nice software for just the bed room dj. i have use this software with CDJ 1000 it work ok but it no Traktor or Serato Scratch Live but it can do all the things that they can do.
And i find it that it like to fuck up on mp3 that are variable bit rate dont know why but if its variable bit rate it is slow to load the track.
One of the things i do like in Virtual DJ is that you can use it to internet radio Shoutcast  but you can also do
internet radio Shoutcast on Traktor but not as good Virtual DJ,  V DJ has more option on it for Shoutcast radio

what can i say i have not use this and i dont think i will and i have seen video of it but dont think its any good

and any way if you want a copy of Traktor pro add me on Facebook and pm me for Traktor pro mac or pc

there is one more and its called Mixxx read more 


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