Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WP Cumulus for blogger yeah that work


wow i just love this thing man how Roy Tanck,made this. when i saw this at
Sergey  NewsKS blog and Boja Linuxer Blo..
i wanted to know how they did it. 
And then i right click on the widget i saw Roy Tanck name and it took me to his  word press blog  and there i find out that this WP-Cumulus is only for word press blogger that made me sad cuz i cant have it on my blog but did not lost hope cuz google is my friend eheheh! so i hit google wp-cumulus blogger Search there it is a big list of site that say they got it to work

WP-Cumulus for Blogger = Blogumus! 

This one i click and it took me back to Roy Tanck word press blog man that suck!! 

But here he say that I would not have thought it to be possible, but Amanda has succeeded in porting WP-Cumulus to Blogger. She’s written a short tutorial on how to set it up, which is surprisingly easy to do. I haven’t used Blogger since 2003, and wouldn’t have known where to start. So thanks Amanda!

so i hit Amanda blog to see if i can get hand on WP-Cumulus for my blog

but the code that amanda has  just fu*%up my amazon widget 

and it did not  work.  Yeah that just  suck big time but  i is not sad cuz i got this cool new Flickr Widget! 

By Roy Tanck the man that did the WP-Cumulus and his photo widget is cool  as you can see here

Roy Tanck's Flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.

Get this widget at

but how to get this WP Cumulus to work for as blogger pls Roy Tanck make one for blogger
but from what i can see of his code if you know someone with a word press blog and the
plugin wp cumulus they can make you one and just give you the code to use on your blog as you can see
i have added booyaka mix and dj booyaka in there if you look at it and by the way if you click on it it will take you to Roy Tanck blog

So did i get it to work for a blogger?? yeah i did get it to work you can get the Code here 
and how to edit code for WP Cumulus content

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  1. I really like this tag cloud and flicker widget of Roy Tanck. thanks for sharing this. I already used this at


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