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Free Bitcoin Faucets
The Highest Paying, Free Bitcoin Faucets – All on one page to make it 10x quicker for you to claim… so you can earn 10x as much! Bookmark this page and come back every hour to claim 5,000 satoshi! 

Bitcoin aliens

Reward are 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, every 10 minutes 

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NEW- Coin Gamez (PAYOUT INCREASE!) Pays 570 satoshi every 15 Minutes!
Spin and Win from Coin Gamez is a new faucet with some really unique features and an awesome 1 MILLION satoshi jackpot – right now they haveTHE HIGHEST PAYING bitcoin faucet! Don’t miss out on this one:

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 Coin Collecting – Another High Paying Faucet: Scratch (like a lottery scratch card) to reveal your prize.
600 Satoshi Every 15 Minutes Average + 1 Million Jackpot.

Moon Bitcoin – 5 Minutes – 1000 satoshi per hour

Bitcoin Zebra – 1 Hour – 350 satoshi per hour

A really quick and easy faucet that pays 100-400 (on average with a 1000 jackpot) every hour – a must visit. – 1 Hour – 300+ satoshi per hour

Possibly my favorites, and pays a MINIMUM of 300+ every HOUR – they also have a dice game where you can bet your winnings for more

Bit On Play – 1 Hour – 200 satoshi per hour

A unique faucet where you guess where the bitcoin is hidden and can win 100, 200, or 300 depending on how many guesses you need.

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