Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pioneer XDJ-RX


Pioneer XDJ-RX

It's about time they did this, it suck having a DJ controllers that are paper weight if your laptop or PC breaks down. At least now with the new pioneer XDJ-RX you can still play if your laptop breaks down on you. Are we gonna see more type of this controllers in the future? well i hope so.

The Pioneer XDJ-RX will be available from February 2015 for €1499. Check out the Pioneer DJ website for more info. just enjoy the video Boys.... and one more question i wonder if it will be serato DJ compatible?

The main features of the Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ System include:

 7-inch Full Colour Screen for at a glance information from both players

All-in-one unit with familiar layout and features inherited from the CDJ/DJM/DDJ ranges

Tactile Loop Slice mode triggered using pads

Dual USB ports for playback and recording or easy DJ hand overs

High quality mixer featuring Colour and Beat FX
Rekordbox compatible – laptops and CDs not required for live performance

Midi control via USB

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