Sunday, December 28, 2014

mac book pro battery replace

Anyway i own a mac book i use it for my DJ work and playing games. but after my warranty run out my battery died. i went to the mac shop and ask them how much for battery? and they told me it was around 9 to 10,000 pesos and it take two to three weeks. so i said to my self "forget it" cause i use it for every day for DJing and playing games. anyway after 1 year of dead battery my track pad started bulging sometimes activate track pad swipe gesture by itself Note mac book user's know about this
mac book pro track pad bulging
mac book pro track pad bulging
Anyway the bulging was cause by the mac book pro's battery, the battery inside has started bulging and it was making the track pad bulge up, here are some photo's

bulging mac book pro battery

bulging mac book pro battery

mac book pro no battery
I read in the mac book forum that if you took the battery out the CPU will work half its speed but my macbook has been running slow now for a year so i said "fuck it" and took the battery out to see if it will run. and yes it runs okay without its battery :) :D :( its running the same speed it been running al year :P
mac book pro screws

mac book screws with egg the egg is a booster for mac book
I read in the mac help forum that if you took the battery out you need to put a egg in as replacement battery so funny right but its true as booster. anyway it said in the macbook forum that if you removed the battery the CPU will run half at speed but if you put eggs as booster it will run a little faster. 

I have to wait until Wednesday to see if it runs serato DJ with no problem and no fried eggs, if your battery is dead and you don't have money to fix it just Take It Out now!

Written by ezekiel pariston  DJ booyaka and special thanks to eggman eggwriter and chicken egg

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