Sunday, April 13, 2014


latin bass sometimes i think of  weird thing cause of this, sometimes i imagine 100 big huge but is twerking in my face by the way the writer of the song is trop kilaz reminds me about godzilla the first time i read this i thought it was godzilla i was like shock and saying godzilla wrote this ( in my mind only) and the song is like big godzilla powered bass and try imagining godzilla doing a twerk with a big  but. imagine it ( already did imagine its EPIC) and the title is godzillas Que Passa Amigo  and you know godzilla put free download oh i mean its TROP KILLAZ QUE PASSA AMIGO and my name is you suppose to know. My name is ezekiel the last one who write about the bongo bass and  anyway so just dont mind about godzilla i wrote its a major joke # KAMEN RIDER

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