Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DJ Godfather Futuristic Party zippyshare

DJ Godfather Futuristic Party

DJ Godfather Futuristic Party zippyshare this tune been out a long time Date:2 December, 2010 but i can find it on zippyshare at all but if you want a copy of this track and your a Dj with a Serato you can get your free copy of it at for Serato dj only.
There is mix of this tune 1 is Futuristic Party (Radio) and the other one is Futuristic Party-Pri Yon Joni REMIX (Clean Remix) i like this one more

 DJ Godfather Feat. Da Paperboy Futuristic Party
 Labels: Secretremix Records 
 Artists:DJ Godfather Feat. Da Paperboy
 Genres: Electronica, Pop, Dance, House,
 BPM 128
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