Saturday, May 26, 2012

Learn How to Build Your Own

Learn How to Build Your Own Niche Affiliate Website in 7 Days

One of the most popular ways to earn an income on the internet is to create your own niche blog. You can get started by picking a subject that you love, or have a passion for and then finding some high commission affiliate products to promote.

Many people shy away from building a website or blog as they are worried that it will be too expensive, or too technically challenging.

However, this couldn't be further from the truth! If you are on a budget you can have your own blog up and running for as little as $10 per year for a domain name and around $7 per month for website hosting. As for the technical side of things, if you are capable of writing and sending emails to people you will be able to add pages and posts to your new website.

If you'd like to learn more about building your own website, take a look at My Affiliate Power Site - a niche affiliate training site created by Ken Troyer and Suzanne Morrison.

This site is free to join and contains a 7 day plan for building your website from scratch. The lessons include:

Day 1 - Choosing your niche
Day 2 - Registering a domain name and setting up your hosting account
Day 3 - Setting up your website
Day 4 - Look Professional
Day 5 - Add products to your site
Day 6 - Create your first blog post
Day 7 - Write a product review

The lessons are laid out in a step by step manner and contain clear instructions and screenshots to help you along.

If you are more of a visual person there is the option of a silver membership with My Affiliate Power Site. For a small fee this gives you access to step by step training videos.

You'll literally be looking over Ken's shoulder as he builds a website live and you'll get to watch him as he picks a niche, registers his domain name, sets up his hosting and gradually builds a great looking website from the ground up.

For anyone who is serious about building up a good income there is also the option of a Gold membership with My Affiliate Power Site. As well as all the training and videos you'll get to brand all the links in the training with your own affiliate links.

This is very powerful as it means that you can earn even more commissions from the visitors that you refer. As a gold member you'll also be able to rotate your own banner in the members area.

If you already have your own website or list you can promote My Affiliate Power Site and earn 50% commissions from Clickbank from any member you refer that upgrades.

To join as a member or an affiliate just register on this page for free:

My Affiliate Power Site is simple, but very powerful. It is not only a training system, but a way to earn multiple streams of income by promoting just one link.

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