Sunday, December 5, 2010

sharing on the internet

Sharing on the internet
back in the all day i use to use a lot of deferent social networking like Facebook MySpace Bebo Friendster hi5 Orkut PerfSpot Zorpia Netlog Habbo Yuwie and many more but now out of all this site i use Facebook all the time  and don't use the other site that much any more. I stop using this site cause they don't let you share what you really want to share. like i use to use  MySpace before a lot.  then MySpace started to block out going links to other site that they did not like or did not make any money of EXP so you could not share any link of Yuwie from MySpace. i thing MySpace did this to try keep people in there site from going to other social network but i think that was a bad move for them.
Because its made people stop using there site. like me i stop using there site cause of that.
And why i say that this was a bad move. will let take a look before MySpace was at the top but now they are not but Facebook is on top and it is also 2nd in the world top website and i think it will be 1 some and Google will be made 2nd.

Out of all this social networking site Facebook was the only one that saw that people like to share link with each other and allowed it's user to share any link they want, and give it's user to make there own  decision  if they want to see  the link that there friends have shared with them or not. And  a lot of new website  can link it self to Facebook now.  Facebook has made it so easy with there  developers apps sharing to tool.
Now days  you see many website on the internet with links back to Facebook  for exp like Facebook (like this) button even i have 1 in all my site :) and  one more exp (don't for get to like as on Facebook )
I think that Facebook allowing all of this sharing of info on there site is whats making  them to be the best site on the internet to day.
And one more site that got big because of allowing is user to share links is Twitter

And one thing that i find fanny is that a lot of people that have a website is going mad in trying to do all this SEO to there site to get good Pageranking in Google. but did you know that if you use a SEO tool on Facebook website it don't have a good SEO score. but the way i see it Facebook don't need SEO but SEO will need Facebook in the long run as more and more people use Facebook to do all there sharing and Searching on there site bye bye Google

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