Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new scam Yahoo Group

this is a new scam from this Email address
it say that i was a winner Yahoo Lottery Promotions

Attention Winner,
We the Yahoo Group wish to congratulate you on your promo winning prize ($200,000 Dollars). To remit your prize to you, we have to explain the following details to you in order to prevent remitting to the wrong individual or an impostor.

To claim your prize you need to open an online account with this office with your information to enable us identify and be sure that the prize is payed to the rightful person. We also wish to inform you that you will be responsible for the opening of the online account which will be open in your name and with all your information.

We have chose to do it this way to avoid what happened in the last season when prizes where remitted to so many wrong people. Now before we pay you as the promo winner of the year all your information has to be with us just in-case we have any complain we will know how to contact you.

On this note we therefore as a matter of urgency request the following information from you.

(1) Your Full names and Address
(2) Your Telephone Number
(3) A Scanned copy of any of the mentioned document for Identification and to set up your account; International passport or Working ID Card or Drivers license.
(4) 250 Pounds for the opening of your online account.

We want you to understand that the 250 pounds is not for us neither are you paying for any thing nor cost of transfer, rather it will be use to open your online account and it will also be credited to your account. So the 250 pounds is still for you and not for us because you are going to see it in your account as soon as you have open the account with us.

We want to inform you that we are not allowed to take money from your winning prize to open an online account for you because that have landed us in trouble in the past. So if you are ready to claim your prize you will be ready to provide us with the above mentioned information. As soon as we hear from you we shall provide you with the name of your account officer to make the payment of the 250 pounds to us via western union money transfer.
On behalf of Yahoo group we wish you a congratulation once again.
Best Regards
Mark Anthony
Manager Yahoo Group Promo
London United Kingdom
Tel: +447011162556

-----Original Message-----
From: Cliford Caritativo
Sent: Sat, Dec 4, 2010 9:49 am
Subject: hi

hi how did i win and how can i get my money

what a scam you will pay 250 pounds to get your ($200,000 Dollars)
and when you pay that money to that bye bye 250 pounds

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