Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shoutcast with Mac

Shoutcast with Mac or broadcasting with Mac
will my friend wanted to ran a Shoutcast but he own a Mac
so i want to help him get his show on the air. There is two ways to do this

1 is you buy a VirtualDJ this is the fastest way to do it.
But if you dont want to use VirtualDJ to do your show.
Because you want to use real DJ'S Equipment other there software to make it more enjoy full
for you running your show or Shoutcast then you want the next option

 2 you can use this Butt broadcasting tool for a Mac


  • runs on Linux, MacOS, and MS Windows
  • supports IceCast and ShoutCast
  • supports ogg and mp3
  • streaming and recording simultaneously with different bitrates
  • vu-meter
  • switchable lcd informations (left mouse on the display)
  • changeable display colors
  • hideable info window
  • automatic reconnection
you can download this at

When Shout casting  with Butt you will need to set your Audio Device to
Audioredirector  on Butt and on your system preferences and not the built in  so that you don't broadcast the microphone only
if you do your broadcast don't sound to good it don't have any bass at all
But i thing if your Running other DJ's Equipment they have there own sound card that will show up when you set it up then use that and not the Audioredirector

Add all your Server info and Stream info and your good to go enjoy

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