Saturday, May 2, 2009

Make money on your friends

Join Yuwie Here

Yuwie .com where it pays to socialize In yuwie we get payed for the page view we get. We get pay 10% of the monthly RSR for every 1000 page view we get for level 1 and 30% for level 10 The level are the friend of yours that you got to join yuwie. and then they get there friends to join

RSR for May 2008: $0.38
LevelYour CutViewsEarnings
Level 1 your friend10%8,699$0.33
Level 2 there friend10%2,108$0.08
Level 3 so on4%1,093$0.02
Level 4 so on4%516$0.01
Level 5 so on4%882$0.01
Level 6 so on4%0$0.00
Level 7 so on4%0$0.00
Level 8 so on10%0$0.00
Level 9 so on10%0$0.00
Level 10 friends30%0$0.00
Totals: 25,617$0.92
The earnings report is generated between the 10th-15th of each month for the previous month. And yuwie pays you for all the page view of all your friends that you got to join yuwie. So more friend you get to join yuwie the more you can make money on your friends So if you not yet a member just click the banner

its sad that yuwie is now gone :( it was a nice network i had good friends in there. 
but all good thing will come to and end 

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