Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Speed Test Your DSL

Before i was using SmartBro for my DSL i was on a P 999
and that is a DSL bandwidth of up to 384 kbps.
Then i was suck in to getting a P 999 by Digitel and there P 999 is DSL
bandwidth of 512 kbps but i don't get this bandwidth at all
most of the time i only get a 120kbps and some time 56 kbps
but on some good days i do get a 412kbps but not all the time.
But when i was on smartbro my bandwidth was always at a good
speed about 255kbps or more, any way try not to be suck in by what
they advertised.
And when i use Digitel speed test on there site it say that
i am getting about 412kbps but when i test it on
others site i don't get that at all

One of the most important factors when choosing a broadband delivery method is the amount of bandwidth available. Bandwidth is the amount of data that you are allowed to download/upload at any given time. All Broadband ISP providers publish their bandwidth capabilities which are generally what people use to determine which plan is best for them. However, the advertised Bandwidth is not always accurate. ISPs often allow a greater number of users to operate on their network than their network can handle at the download speeds published. ISPs assume that not all users will be on the network at once and not using the maximum download capabilities available. Therefore, your Broadband download speed can vary significantly by time of day and day of the week depending on how busy the network is.

That is why it is important to test your Broadband connection at different times. Your ISP may advertise a high Broadband Bandwidth, but you may only get that advertised Broadband Bandwidth at certain times of the week.

this one is the best that i have seen DSL speed test: measure the download and upload speeds

and the next one is
Test your Internet connection speed at

and i like this to
and if you are using Googel chrome and can download this  Extensions
you can run a speedtest at your browser  
Test your Internet connection with interactive broadband speed test

This SpeedTest show your downloading and uploading speed in Kb/sec


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