Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DAPAT TAMA Gloc-9 ft. Denise Barbacena [Full Version]

DAPAT TAMA Gloc-9 ft. Denise Barbacena Full Version
this is a good video and a quality RAP songs from gloc-9...indeed Francism taught him well...unlike other rappers like who only know how to diss and to curse, no quality whatsoever.
DAPAT TAMA but there is no TAMA they all the same and its not them but the system it don't work.
Its not a government its a corporations, if it was a government they would make law's that help every one and not make law where the corporations get to do what they want. For me i don,t like copyright law they should fix it so after 15 year all copyright item should become Creative Commons so we the people can become more Creative

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