Monday, November 1, 2010

R.I.P Technic SL-1200MK6 turntable

Born in 1972
sold since 3.5 million SL-1200 turntables
Panasonic discontinued Technics analog turntables on October 20 2010,
the company said that it was winding down production of the Technic SL-1200MK6 analog turntable, the SH-EX1200 analog audio mixer and the RP-DH1200 and RP-DJ1200 stereo headphones.
All good thing come to an end, RIP my good friend!
I became a DJ because of you!
You where a legend among DJ's of all kinds. Form the legends among scratchers and spinners
you where one of the best  analog  turntables made. Without you I would not have became a DJ. it is sad but that's the way of life when  products don't sell as much as they did before the get caned. Maybe from your death a new legend will be born
any way for any DJ that has a Technic SL-1200MK6 turntable hold on to them!

1 comment:

  1. Truly modern technology had outdated so many inventions in the past. But who knows, the company might think of a new product in the near future. :)


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