Wednesday, May 6, 2009

numark cdx

Description: Manufacturer: Numark / Model: CDX / Vinyl Controlled CD Turntable / Heavy duty turntable motor with aluminum platter / 33,45rpm / CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 CD / 8 times oversampling / 20Hz to 20.00Hz +/- 2dB / 14.5ins x 17.75ins x 5.25ins /

the CDX is by far the best CD deck on the market for scratch DJs. For the simple reason that it is just like using the best vinyl deck but with CDs. Take away all the bells and whistles that the CDX has and for turntablists, it's still the best. But in fairness to the other competitive decks out there, I have to rate it comparatively. Sound quality is excellent both for regular audio and MP3, the feature set is extensive including loops, cues, effects and key lock. The price is competitive pitched between CDJ-1000/Technics DZ/Denon 5000 and their younger offspring the CDJ800/Denon 3000.

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